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Budding entrepreneurs, be they students or not, have the world of potential enterprises before them. As described in Graduate a CEO, it only takes focus to observe and extrapolate every-day situations to create solutions that solve significant problems. Here’s some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Just go for it!

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This entrepreneur is a musician and wanted to continue playing music while starting and running a business. He made it possible for musicians […]

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This entrepreneur started three businesses while in college.  He received substantial help and nurturing while in college.  Upon graduation […]

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This entrepreneur was fortunate to have three important mentors as he developed has business ideas.  His father was an entrepreneur and he provided […]

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This entrepreneur started two businesses while in college.  One has continued.  He had to decide when […]

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This entrepreneur gave up her golf scholarship to start her business while in college.  The collegiate contest winnings of […]

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This entrepreneur started while in middle school and was constantly bringing new and different products to his classmates.  While in college he found […]

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This entrepreneur has a passion for reducing food waste and for supporting hard working people all over the world with income for their agriculture efforts. He participated in […]

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This entrepreneur, a graduate student nurse, experienced a near death experience for one of her clients that stuck with her as she continued her nurse education. As a result of this experience, she developed […]

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This entrepreneur learned how to price her coaching services while in high school.  Her tennis prowess brought her customers […]

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This entrepreneur learned the hard way that you must check out your company name to be sure that it does not infringe on anyone else’s. Hers did infringe […]

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This couple had been active in the popular music business from teen age years.  They found that […]

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This entrepreneur managed his business out of his check book. This was a disaster for him […]

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Good personal relationships are key to enterprise success. The entrepreneur who treats all people […]

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